Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Trichomonas vaginalis mnemonic

I make lists of words so that I remember about them (especially for theory exams!)
Here's another list for Trichomonas - Key word, "TRICHOMONAS"

Towel or toilet (Can be transmitted by fomites)
Tender vaginal walls

Treat partner or else it may cause -
Recurrent infection


Creamy discharge
Can be cultured

High pH (Use vinegar douche to lower pH if woman is pregnant)

O looks like leukocytes and so do trichomonas (But motile)

Motile organism (Examined on wet film) 

O looks like bubbles (For frothy discharge)

No oxygen needed so -

Strawberry vagina (Multiple punctate spots)

That's all!


  1. Whoa! How did you come up with these! So Owesome! haha
    i really love how you did all these Mnemonics ^_^ Too bad I just finished my OBGYN subject. maybe I can still use this the next time I meet an OBGYN patient :)

    Thank you

    1. Haha thank you! ^\\\^
      I don't know.. The mnemonic just comes to me xD

      Awh :( I hope your exams went great without the mnemonics as well!

      Maybe you can! :D

      You're welcome (:

  2. I saw this mnemonic for Trichomoniasis:

    5 Fs
    Flagella-shaped protozoan
    Fishy odor
    Frothy discharge
    Flagyl (metronidazole) treatment
    Fornication (STD)


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