Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tubal ectopic pregnancy mnemonic

We'll be learning some points and concepts about tubal ectopic pregnancy today! I tied em up together in a mnemonic, "TUBAL"

T: Temperature rise (Due to infection, absorption of degenerated blood).
Tenderness and muscle guarding of lower abdomen.

U: Urinary symptoms due to bladder irritation (dysuria, frequency, retention).
Rectal tenesmus may also occur (Due to infected hematocele). 

Umbilical discoloration (Cullen's sign suggests intraperitoneal hemorrhage).

B: Bleeding, expulsion of decidual cast may be present.
Beta HCG is lower and fails to double every 2 days.

A: Amenorrhea of short period (6 to 8 weeks).

L: Lower abdominal pain (Starts acute, gradually becomes dull or colicky in nature). 
Lower abdominal mass which is tender, irregular.
Lacy fronds of chorionic villi that float on normal saline are absent (Decidua without villi is suggestive of ectopic).
Laproscopy, laprotomy.
Low progesterone, low HCG.

That's all!
I used this mnemonic to write my theory exam. Might not be very useful for entrance exams.


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