Saturday, January 31, 2015

Antipsychotics: Timing of evolution of extra pyramidal symptoms mnemonic

Greetings people!

The timing of evolution of extra pyramidal symptoms of antipsychotics is something you should be thorough with:

4 hours dystonia
4 days akathesia
4 weeks akinesia
4 months tardive dyskinesia

I made a mnemonic for it because I have been struggling with it since forever!

The mnemonic is, "Distant people are Restless. Parking cars is Stereotyped and Retarded."

"Distant" is for Dystonia which comes first!

"Restless" is for akathesia (Compelling desire to move restlessly!)

"Parking" is for the Parkinsonian like symptoms seen in akinesia.

Sterotypical ("Sterotyped") movements are seen in tardive ("Retarded") dyskinesia.

Lastly, a mnemonic to remember the treatment of Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome!

The mnemonic is, "BAD NMS"

That's all!

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