Saturday, January 31, 2015

Study group discussion: Oculogyric crisis

What's oculogyric crisis?

I have read it a couple of times as a side effect of a couple of drugs, I don't remember the drugs though.

Neuroleptic drugs.

It's antipsychotic induced.

But what happens in it.. How does the patient present?

Sounds like deviation of the eye.

These are the ones I came accross:
Mutism, palilalia, eye blinking, lacrimation, pupil dialation, drooling, increased BP and HR, flushed face, headache, vertigo, anxiety, fixed stare or maximal deviation in all direction (usually at one a time), malaise.

Seems like it messes up your autonomic nervous system along with the eyes.

Yeah :-/

General question, what does gyric mean? Like is it a Spanish or Latin word?

Latin. It's like twisting.

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