Thursday, January 29, 2015

Study group discussion: Clomiphene citrate

Please can you explain me the mechanism of Clomiphene citrate?
Clomiphene citrate is a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator!

Clomiphene citrate's primary action is to block the oestrogen receptors on the pituitary.

Hence, because of the lack of negative feedback..more of FSH is produced.. Hence more follicles.

This primarily used in ovulation induction in woman.. Main example polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Also, in males it is used if the cause of impotency is less gonaodotrophins.

Important viva question is.. Dose in females is 50mg OD but in males its 25 mg.

Ooh. Why is the dose lesser in males?

Oh that.. I never searched for it. But best guess would be in males the breakdown would be slower. Hence less drug.

Also, remember after the follicles are well stimulated injection hcg is given (cause it mimics LH) and brings out ovulation.

Extra: Side effect of clomiphene citrate is ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in females

But never ever give hcg to a woman with PCOD.. It's contraindicated cause already LH is high. Else you will cause ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

Oh it's HCG, I thought it's clomiphene which was the culprit.

From what I read clomiphene does cause OHS by its own... But the gonadotrophins given externally are the major culprits.

One fact HCG is obtained from urine of pregnant woman. Even FSH and LH..urine of menopausal woman. I guess better recombinant counterparts are available though.

The conversation lead to urine and fecal transplants, will be published in the next post!

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