Thursday, January 29, 2015

Study group discussion: Fecal transplant and uses of urine

Speaking of that, in the show Greys Anatomy, they use poop to cultivate natural flora in a person who overused antibiotics.

I saw a video of that on minute earth on youtube. Esp in conditions of inflammatory bowel disease!

It's called a fecal transplant or something.

It's in trials in many hospitals.
As per JAMA, NEJM.

I read that they're treating enterocolitis from resistant strains of C.difficile by inserting a nasoduodenal tube and administering donor feces

Do you think patients would be as ready to accept a fecal transplant as they would, per say, a blood donation?

Donno about patients but I wouldn't accept a fecal transplant!

I think it differs from different races, cultures to your personal beliefs.

But i guess we all value our life the most. Given as a last resort, I suppose the patient would accept.

It's all about circumstances.

Does anyone have a link to a publication on the fecal transplant?

@above GIYF.

Giyf haha love that!

Searching on Google is tough. I'd love to be spoon fed with links!

Googling fecal transplants just gives a range of DIY kits...

Put in right keywords, use search tools and the first link is what all you need.

Hahaha gross. DIY fecal transplants sound um... messy.

Do you guys know urine can be used as an eye wash?
But it shouldn't be infected.
It's one of the uses of urine if your stranded with no water.
First use is, of course, drinking it to prevent dehydration.

Idk if you've heard about this in other countries but we in the USA say use urine on jellyfish stings

Oh yes, that too. I watched a Rhett and Link video on YouTube a long time back on the uses of urine.

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