Saturday, January 31, 2015

Study group discussion: Remembering Anatomy

Is there any easy way to remember the relations of the viscera?

Diagrams will help you remember the relations! There are a few mnemonics for arteries and stuff but in general, painting a picture in your head is the best way to remember!

Use Atlas for visualisation, see  videos of anatomy (Acland, Dalhousie) for awesome live experience... Highly recommended.

Seeing the viscera during cadaver dissection also helps in anatomy.

For anatomy, I find it helpful to draw the pictures out and label them. This allows you to appreciate the boundaries. 

I always drew diagrams in anatomy..Netter's helped a lot. 

Dissections are equally important...I  always read anatomy and revised it in my dissection class


  1. i still can"t remember the relations !! please HELP ME!!! :'(

    1. Awh. What specifically you can't remember? We'll help you out!

  2. i'd learnt the relations for several organs ( the anterior posterior superior and all that ) ..the problem is that i'd done it a while ago
    and now i can't recollect it!!
    any solution??!

    1. You need to focus and imagine stuff. You can't memorize relations.

      You can remember pictures better than words (Scientifically proven). So draw all the relations and you'll be pit pat with them!

  3. Where can i get aclaud videos ??


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