Saturday, January 31, 2015

Study group discussion: Myopia and power mnemonic

Myopia (short sightedness) mnemonic, "Cave May Be Long"

CAVE - We use conCAVE lens
MaY - in MYopia
BE - BEfore image is formed before retina
LONG - eyeball eLONGate

When eye become Myopic it is acting as converging lens (+) convex lens (bend the rays coming from object the rays towards centre) more power more convergence more bending so we use diverging lens which is a concave lens to correct or to neutralise the bending or converging.

Concave lens negative (-ve) power.

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  1. Hello sis, could you please make a mnemonic on ophtalmoscope viz. direct,indirect,distant etc.. ? I find it really hard to learn which type is to be used depending on what the condition is . Please help me if you can..

    1. Um I am sorry but I am really busy this month, hari and I don't have a ready made mnemonic. If you do come up with a memory aid, let us know!


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