Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Bicarbonate buffer system

some real cool facts i learned today--

1.       Buffers don’t eliminate acid, they simply neutralize acid at the tissue level..and transport it to areas from where it can be eliminated.

2.       The body has a three level of defense system, the first line are the buffers which are available for immediate action.. and the second (lungs) and third line (kidneys) through which these acids are permanently eliminated

3.       Why is it necessary to maintain the pH at a narrow range of 7.35-7.45? The structure and function of enzymes and proteins are dependent on pH..cause the containing amino acids have a charge which is highly dependent on the pH value. The body just can’t afford for the blood pH to rise or fall without deleterious consequences.

4.       Bicarbonates are the most important buffers in extracellular fluid. Why? Cause it is present in very high amount. 

Plus to top it all the HCO3- base component is in excess by 20 times! over its counterpart acid H2CO3. A very huge ratio of 20 to 1, means that the HCO3- component will always be available plenty whenever there is excess of metabolic acids to be eliminated. This is called the alkali reserve.

 Also the acid H2CO3 when formed can be very easily eliminated from the body via the lungs through the release of CO2.

 So overall bicarbonate is the only buffer which is excessive, fast acting and can be easily replenished.

5.       How does this buffer system work? The base HCO3- combines with H+ to form H2CO3. This is a weak acid, meaning once it is won’t let the H+ roam around free in the blood that easily. There will be only a mediocre rise in pH in comparison to a tremendous rise if bicarbonate wouldn't have been there. This pH stimulates the respiratory centre, which causes hyperventilation and release of CO2. 


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