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Study group discussion: Dissociative identity disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Shutter Island

What about split personality disorders?

What I know it's that they're quite uncommon. But they present upon a trauma.

Psychological trauma.

There was a theoretical mcq in a question bank on split personality disorder. A female who said she recieved phone calls of strange men that she didn't remember meeting. It's easy to think it's a delusion if you don't keep split personality disorders in mind.

Was that shown in the movie
Karthik calling Karthik?

Haven't seen the movie.

Do no harm shows a neurosurgeon with a split personality. I am not sure if the series was purely fictional or based on a real life incident.

I guess it was fiction.

It was a very bad show.
Because it's super difficult to find a straight split personality.

Yes, it was based on DID.. Was a fiction.

It was a very bad show.
Because it's super difficult to find a straight split personality.

What's DID?
Dissociative identity disorder.

I don't know what the term is on the DSM V.

DSM V calls it dissociative identity disorder.

Multiple personality disorder is the same as split personality, right?

More than two personlities are called multiple personality disorder.

I have seen so many fictional works on it.. Makes you think it's common when it's not.

I know people who live with mental illness(es), and so I know what worked for them as well as what didn't.  And because so many people have approached me to talk to me about their mental health issues, I have very strong feelings about mental healthcare, so I do my own research, too.

Dissociative identity disorder is often treated by psychological therapy trying to merge the personalities into the core personality.  I don't know exactly how it's done.  I don't think there's medication for it.  It's pretty rare.  I don't know anyone with DID.

I wonder if perhaps dissociation as part of PTSD etc. instead of as part of DID would also be a good explanation for why someone might get phone calls from someone they don't remember meeting.

What's PTSD ?

Post-traumatic stress disorder.

It's a type of anxiety disorder that people sometimes develop after a traumatic experience.

Sometimes people with PTSD dissociate (they might 'lose' bits of time, for example).

Not remembering phone calls of strange men could be dissociation as part of a post traumatic stress disorder. But in that case, would the inciting trauma be of rape?

Potentially.  Not necessarily.  And rape isn't the only form of sexual assault.  [I'm not sure whether rape causes more *psychological* damage than other forms of sexual assault or not... if someone knows, I'd appreciate an answer.  I seem to recall someone saying that all forms of sexual violence are approximately equal in terms of suffering and trauma, because ultimately the important part is the existence of that violation, not the type of violation.]

Which are the other forms of sexual violence? Groping?

Rubbing up against a person in a sexual way.
Taking photographs up someone's skirt would be a sexual crime, although I don't know how that would fit within definitions of sexual assault and violence.  It's still a violation of someone's body, though.

If someone kills a person, will he forget that, in case, he has PTSD ?

Not everyone with PTSD forgets the incident.  A lot of people with PTSD actually remember the incident very, very vividly.

If the person remembers the incident, then will he be in a state of shock? Or will he act normally?

It depends on the person.  If it was a sudden crime of passion there's a good chance the person will be shocked once they realise what they've done.
But some people are entirely capable of killing people without real remorse or shock.
And those people act normally.

What did Leonardo have in the movie Shutter Island?

I read a post online which says that the character Teddy Daniels or Andrew Laeddis played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie Shutter Island had Delusional Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Schizophrenia and Dissociative identity disorder.

I didn't think someone could have delusional disorder and schizophrenia at the same time.

There are a lot of inaccuracies in the movie.

Migraine, I think.

Migraine? When was that?

Migraine was what he started having as a symptom may be.

We started taking about migraines after that which will be continued in the next post!

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