Friday, January 2, 2015

When you get tired of studying

"Sometimes I get the feeling that my brain can't take more information. Can this be? What can I do when I have this feeling?" -Asked on Tumblr

Yes, it can be! We often get exhausted and feel like we can't take any more information.

In my experience, taking breaks is the best solution for this. I read a research a while back (Don't remember where!) that your performance deteriorates after 45-60 mins of studying depending upon your capacity. If you take a 5-15 min break, however, you do much better.

You can exercise, eat, mediate, dance, listen to music or an inspirational tape if you want in this mini tape. Closing your eyes and lying doing for a while is very relaxing.
Do not use your phone. Your phone has text all over and reading does exhaust you.

I usually get really distracted if I take mini breaks after studying for an hour and don't return to books for another hour. If you have the same problem, you can study for 2-3 hours straight and then take a longer break like a shower, have a long lunch break or a walk around the park.

Alternatively, you can switch to a easier subject or a personal favorite subject when you feel saturated. Or you can do something fun with what you just read - watch a video on it, draw or tell someone about it.

Schedule depending on your capacity, but don't keep too fixed. Keep modifying it according to your mood. You'll figure it all out.

Sometimes if you just can take it, it's better to close the books than waste time not doing productive work. It's okay (:

I don't usually get this feeling before I start studying or at the start of the day. But when I do, I just force myself to open the book and read. It isn't that bad after reading the first page and I get interested!

Otherwise, read the title and imagine things about what the topic could contain. Think of how many things you don't know and will get to know after reading. Get curious. Fake it till you make it ^__^


  1. You really are something girl...!!!
    You have solutions to all my problems..
    You are the best..thanks a ton for your lovely blog girlie :)

    1. Thank you so much for all the compliments! I am really glad I was of help to you *hugs*
      Drop by if you have some problem, I will always be happy to try and find out a solution for you, girl <3

  2. Wow you really need to have a very disciplined self to push yourself to "fake read" and be interested int he end. Some lazy people like me would just close the book, lay on the bed and forget that I am a medstudent! haha (Not to be followed by the way)

    Looking forward to more of your Owesome tips :D

    1. Haha yes! All comes down to discipline and little daily work put together.

      Oh I do that too. A lot of times! But then I come back to books :P

      Yaay! Stay awesome (:

  3. nice again you are awesome ... keep helping us

  4. you are inspiration for me..

  5. Starting with a new topic or subject itself when u have studied it already long ago is a difficult task.
    But once u do u automatically gain interest and of course the curiosity of learning more of it.
    Well thank you ikan for always being an inspiration for me. :)
    I'll start with it today itself.

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