Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Chronic granulomatous disease - Catalase positive organisms mnemonic

CGD (chronic granulomatous disease)

Diagnosis: Negative Nitroblue tetrazolium reduction.

NADPH oxidase deficiency: Susceptible to Catalase+ organisms.

I had got this mnemonic on someone's (arghlblargh) tumblr but I can't seem to find it so I'll publish it here!

“The Recoiling Red Asp wasn’t Sorry towards the moaning Cat because it had Noheart.”
Recoiling  = E.coli
Red  = Serratia
Asp = Aspergillus
Sorry = S. Aureus
Moaning  = Pseudomonas
Cat = Catalase + organism
NoHeart = Nocardia

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