Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Study group discussion: Extra books for USMLE

Could someone suggest books to use for mle step 1? Everyday someone new tells me that the kaplan book is not good for a particular subject.


BRS + Kaplan for physiology
Road map to gross anatomy
Biochemistry Kaplan (Pretty good)
Goljan for pathology
Microbiology Kaplan (more than enough)
Pharmacology Kaplan
Behavioral Kaplan + BRS + a lot of resources online and it's never enough

What about the other subsections of anatomy?

Umm which subsections? Embryology and Histology isn't high yield.

Oh alright. Neuroanatomy?

That's a pain! There are these anki flashcards I found on neuro.. I'll send you guys the link when I'm home. Thanks!

Do all brain stem sections for step 1. Any image on neuro and you need to identify the tracts/structures!

Ah. Why don't you try clinical neuroanatomy made ridiculously simple? I have heard its a recommended book for USMLE Step 1.

Ridiculously simple series is good!

Neuroanatomy one is really short and nice.

I've read the neuroanatomy book too. It's good.

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