Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Introduction to the new author

Greetings mortals

I am sakkan. I am new here

New as in, I have just recently taken up blogging seriously. And as ikan told me..”welcome to everyday blooging “ =D

Its fun

Hobbies include. 

I am a passionate reader of fantasy novels.
 I like food, but I wont call myself passionate about it, cause I have to watch those calories.
I like sitting on a bench facing a park, with a cool breeze. That’s peace
I like knowing the why behind everything. Its very hard for me to remember things if I don’t understand whats going on.

 This blog has provided me a portal to be more demanding of those answers.
I have a couple of groups to my whatsapp. From junior college, medical college, classes. But truth be told none of them is as humongamous as the medicowesome study group. Diversity, sharing, thoughts, questions and most of all answers, and everybody just jumps in to answer your questions. It feels like a tiny virtual world of awesomites who just care to learn and nothing else.
p.s ‘ the word humongamous- cause even enormous seemed small to describe you guys’

hope we provide you with as much of knowledge through this blog, in equivalence to what you guys have provided us.

thank you



  1. Awesome! Another awesome blogger :D
    Hello Sakkan!
    I'm Anakiluh, a fellow medical student from Asia, and a blogger as well. I am not as frequest blogger as you guys, but I keep on reading your posts and they really help :) Save me some answers during oral exams haha

    thanks! Keep up the work and hope to learn more from you two!


  2. hey Anakiluh =)
    whats better than being able to answer viva questions? =D,
    they are the scariest to pass through *shivers*
    thanks a lot for your views ^_^

  3. Hey good to c u taking blogging seriously sakkan! ;) You guys are doing amazing job..keep it up! :)


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