Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Study group discussion: Malaria

Review questions! Which are the types of parasites for malaria?

Plasmodium species!
Vivax, falciparum, ovale, malariae.

One more.
Plasmodium knowelsi.

How do you differentiate cause of malaria based on the fever

It's quartan in malarie.. After every third day.
It's tertian in the rest of them.. Every alternate day.

What's algid malaria?
Circulatory collapse

Fever and shock. That's algid malaria.

Which are the rapid diagnostic test for malaria?
Dip stick test

Of HRP and LDH , which is specific for falciparum malaria?

LDH just shows infection with plasmodium. Not which sub type.

But what was the significance of LDH? I read somewhere it's super important.

It detects all other forms. Hrp is just to check whether it is falci or not.

Which forms have a latent phase in liver?
P. vivax & P. ovale

What is the clinical significance of liver forms?
They remain dormant in ovale & vivax, also known as hypnozoites & they cause relapse.

Drug of choice for relapse?

Why do we give primaquine in P. Falciparum malaria?

To destroy gametes!

Yes. Gametocides. It helps in control of spread. 45 mg is gametocidal.

Which test is more preferred if you are suspecting relapse?
Peripheral blood smear is preferred.

Why don't you perform rapid diagnostic test when you are suspecting a relapse for malaria?

You don't do rapid diagnostic test cause.. These remain positive several weeks after an initial infection.
So it will show positive even if it's fever for some other cause.

I was asked this in viva, why we combine chloroquine and primaquine in combination?

In Vivax, primaquine is used for hypnozoites.

Which is the gold standard for detecting malaria?
Gold standard is that centrifuge thing.
QBC? Quantitative Buffy Coat? We add acridine orange?

Hmm. Peripheral blood smear is gold standard. Never heard of buffy test. Could be because in the buffy coat what you get is WBC's in maximal amount. Plasmodium are within RBC.

How will you diagnose cerebral malaria?

You can't diagnose malaria by CSF.
It's on clinical symptoms. Based on altered sensorium and coma you diagnose it.


But first you infuse glucose to rule out hypoglycaemia..If the patient fails to improve then its  cerebral malaria.

Yes, I remember that.

Which anti malarial drug can cause hypoglycaemia?

Quinine and chloroquine too.



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