Friday, February 6, 2015

Medicowesome study group on Whatsapp: The Official invitation

It started as a small experiment and turned out to be one word - AWESOME.

What's the study group for?
A bunch of medical students from all over the world, discussing study related concepts!
You may share your experiences, what you studied today, ask interesting questions to help other people learn or simply revise, ask doubts about things you don't understand, answer other people or just tell a fact you learnt that fascinates you.
We learn something new on a daily basis <3

How do I sign up for the group?

All you've got to do is message me your number. You can email me at with "Whatsapp study group" in the subject.

Important: Make sure you include your proper country code when you email me your number. (Otherwise your number won't be displayed in my Whatsapp list and I might miss you out!)

After you have emailed me your number, you'll receive instructions from us. 

The group is for medical students only. We do not add pharmacy / nursing / pre med students.

"I want to join but.. I'm hesitant because I'll be sharing my number to a lot of people."
It's risky, I know, but we have solutions - Block users. So I don't think you should hold back on your awesomeness. I have added over 800 people so far and they are loving it.

We have had a few spammers, flirts and inappropriate members, but we removed them. We highly encourage awesomites to report such people to the admins (We have more than 5 admins) and necessary action will be taken.

Your number will be shared with at least 100 other medical students who are strangers - So if you aren't comfortable, don't join.


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  1. Hey, salam. I'm from Malaysia, and just graduated with MBBS from India. Can I join you telegram group? :)

    1. Sure. Here is the link

  2. Hi.. I graduated mbbs from india
    Like to join watsapp group
    How can i proceed

    1. Email me your number at with "Whatsapp study group" in the subject.

      After you have emailed me your number, you'll receive instructions from us.

    2. You can also join chat directly: :D

  3. hello sir, I'm in class 11 and aspiring to crack AIIMS. So, can I join air. My no. is 7873557148

    1. Please email me . Don't leave your number carelessly on a public website, spammers can abuse it!

  4. i am dr aman ullah
    from pakistan.
    kindly add me in your study group.

  5. Hello , i gmail’d my details a week ago , but still no response. Please confirm

    1. Your message couldn't be delivered to s********* Their inbox is full or it's receiving too much mail at the moment.

  6. Hi...I had sent my mail few days ago to join the WhatsApp group...please accept my request...

  7. Hi i from turkey
    İ İ student of medicine
    İ want join Whatsapp group
    E mail (


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