Friday, February 6, 2015

Study group experience #5

Here's what we discussed!

I particularly like how when one person answers correctly in the group, even if it's to a simple question, someone says a positive word like, "Excellent!", "Well done" or "Bravo!"

If you answer incorrectly, we'll tell you, "We are here to make mistakes so that we can avoid them in real life."

Oh and the science discussions! They make me lose my sense of time.. I feel completely enraptured. We end up in deep thought, amazed by the wonders of nature when those insightful discussions happen. 

It's this kind of positive reinforcement that makes it not just a study group but a vast, open, refreshing and fascinating learning group to me. 

Thank you, good hearted awesomites, to make this such a beautiful experience.

To all the future awesomites, hope you continue the legacy. 


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