Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Study group discussion: Anti-tubercular drugs

Name the first line anti - tuberculosis drug which is a static drug?


Name the bactericidal drugs.


Bedaquiline isn't approved in India yet! It's still undergoing trials, according to the TOI.



Which of the HRZES drug has the best CNS penetration?

It's pyrazinamide.

Which of the drug doesn't penetrate the CNS?

It's the aminoglycoside.


Which of these drugs you don't prescribe in children? And why?

Ethambutol? Because kids can't tell you if they're going color blind


Which of the drugs you don't give if the patient is receiving HIV drugs?



Instead of it which drug you give?


Why don't we give?

Rifampicin is a cytochrome enzyme inducer.

Hence, it will reduce the concentration of PI and NNRTI.

Which TB drug causes orange color tears? Can't recall!


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