Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Study group discussion: JVP in pulmonary hypertension and tricuspid regurgitation

One question...Giant "a" wave in JVP will be due to which of the two.. Pulmonary hypertension or tricuspid regurgitation?

I would go for pulmonary hypertension.. Because Tricuspid stenosis causes giant a waves whereas tricuspid regurgitation causes giant v waves. I'm not sure, correct me if I'm wrong. a wave is due to atrial contraction.

Ya that's what I think is right too... But I get to see different answer at different places. Ok... Pulmonary hypertension it is then!

What abnormal wave does the other cause then?

It's like all the blood is regurgitating into the atria when the ventricles are contracting.. So it'll cause a giant cv wave. The a wave should remain normal. I don't get why pulmonary hypertension should cause a giant A wave though.. I get that the back flow should hypertrophy the right atrium and right ventricle so maybe that's why!?

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