Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Study group discussion: Anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome

What is secondary anti-phospholipid syndrome?

Anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome?

In antiphospholipid syndrome, your body mistakenly produces antibodies against proteins that bind phospholipids.

Antibodies bind with phospholipid of every cell membrane?

It can be idiopathic or secondary when associated with another autoimmune dissorder as lupus. Oh, secondary can also be caused by infections (syphilis, HIV) or medication

It causes thrombosis, abortions, strokes...



Any specific steroid that is preferably used?

Don't know.

Mainly blood thinners and steroidal

Sapporo criteria used for APLA.


APLA is also a cause of recurrent abortions.

In fact I have seen a case female reproductiveage group having habitual abortions and anticardiolipin antibodies positive.

What is the significance of anticardolipin antibody?
(Microbiology related)

Syphillis test?

Yes, it gives false positive results.

APLA is differential diagnosis for false positive for syphilis.


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