Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Study group discussion: Folate deficiency in hemolysis and alcohol

Here's an interesting thing I read.. Let me put it in a form of a hypothetical question.

A person suffers from chronic hemolysis due to sickle cell anemia. Has a high MCV. Which vitamin is he most likely to be deficient in?

Folic acid.


Why not B12?

Cause it is stored in the body in high doses.

Yes :D

Folic acid on the other hand gets extinguished very fast.


And in every case of excessive RBC production..you always give folic acid supplements. Like even in thalassemia.. And other various chronic hemolytic conditions.


Why are alcoholics more prone to B9 deficiency?

Cause they eat less maybe. The commonest cause of deficiency is reduced intake in case of folic acid.

Alcohol affects the body's ability to absorb folate and also increases folate in the urine. Many alcohol abusers have poor quality diets that do not provide the suggested intake of folate.

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