Monday, February 2, 2015

Study group discussion: Compliance of the lungs

Can anyone simply compliance for me?

Compliance = Change in volume/change in pressure.

So it follows as lungs starting at zero before inspiration. At the end there will be 500mL of air. So 0.5L
The pressure of he lungs starting at -5cm H20 increases to -10cm after expiration.

It would be (Specific compliance)
0.5 L/ (-5cm H20 - (-10cm H20))
= 0.5L/5cm H20 = 0.1 per cm H20

Theres a few types of compliance. Static compliance and dynamic.
Static calculates the periods where here isnt any gas flow. So during the time where there isn't fas flow.
Dynamic calculates the periods of active(!) Inspiration.

But I know nothing about those two calculations.

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