Monday, February 2, 2015

Study group discussion: Urinalysis

Significance of difference findings in urine analysis-
1) WBC in urine - Pyelonephritis
2) RBC - Glomerulonephritis
3) Hyaline cast - No significance
4) Broad waxy cast - CRF
5) Dirty brown/granular cast - Acute tubular necrosis

RBC's may also be present in case of calculi or tumors!


"Approach to hematuria"
1) Dipstick - blood positive
Microscopy- RBC negative
It is myoglobinuria.

2) Dipstick - blood positive
Microscopy- RBC positive
It may be kidney pathology or bladder.

In that case if RBC is isomorphic (not distorted) - urinary bladder pathology like stones, cystitis.

If RBC is Dysmorphic - Kidney pathology (When RBC is passing thru tubules shape get distorted)

The dysmorphic RBC are a characteristic of glomerular pathology not tubular.

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