Friday, February 6, 2015

Study group discussion: Cushing's syndrome

What is Cushing Reflex?

It's related to cushing syndrome or disease?

Nah. It consist of signs of Raised I.C.T: Hypertension, bradycardia, dilatation of pupil and pyramidal tract sign.

It is caused due to raised ICT?

There is more entity..Cushing's ulcer and curling ulcer. One of them is caused due to raised ICT I think. The other being a stress ulcer. Both in the stomach.

Curling ulcer is due to burns.

They both are confusing terms.

Cushing ulcer is caused when there's brain injury. With ICT as mention above


Does anyone know the mechanism?

Cushing ulcer and Curling ulcer are peptic ulcers caused by CNS injury and burns respectively.
One possible explanation for the development of Cushing ulcers is the stimulation of vagal nuclei due to the increased intracranial pressure which leads to increased secretion of gastric acid.
Curling ulcers may be explained by a reduced plasma volume, which leads to sloughing of the gastric mucosa or secretion of burn toxins (necrotic and carbonaceous materials released from burned cells) by the stomach.

There is the cushing sign too

Must you know the difference between Cushing's disease and Cushing syndrome then?

Cushing disease is the disease caused due to a tumor of the pituitary..With increased secretion of ACTH.
The other is the syndrome caused due to excess cortisol in the blood.. Exogenous commonly. I am not sure whether adrenal tumors are also included in Cushing syndrome or not.

Cushing sign occurs as a result of Cushing reflex.

Here are study links on Cushing's!
Cushing's ulcer mnemonic:

Cushing syndrome notes: (View image)

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