Friday, February 6, 2015

Study group discussion: Smallest, largest and longest muscle

Which is the smallest muscle in the body?
Nope, stapedius ain't the answer.
Erector pili muscle. The one responsible for goose bumps.
Oh yes! I forget it's a muscle cause it is so small and seems insignificant.
Haha me too!

Largest muscle?
Gluteus maximus!

The longest muscle?
Sartorius. Originates from ASIS to Pes anserinus.

Updated on 22nd February, 2015:
I read the previous  posts, errector pili -smallest smooth musle, smallest skeletal muscle -stapedius!

Smooth muscle not in our control , innervated by sympathetic system,triggering agents - cold, fear. 

Which is the strongest muscle in the body?

Ahh makes sense. 

Strongest would be the one in the thigh?

Gluteus maximus!



True! Well done!

Shouldn't it be the quadriceps? I don't see the masseter kicking foot balls and running with the weight of the body :P

Yes, based on its weight, with all muscles working together it can close the teeth with a force of 25 kgs on the incisors. 


Or 90 kgs on molars! 

I got a good link on that!
There are lots of ways to measure strength. One is brute force, in which case biggest is best. All skeletal muscles are bundles of many individual fibers that contain small force generating structures called sarcomeres. “Generally speaking, more muscle tissue means a larger total number of sarcomeres, which means greater maximum force generation,” Tasko says. That means the largest muscles—the quadriceps on the front of your thighs and the gluteus maximus on your rear—produce the most force.

I thought the strongest was the tongue! 

I was told that it was the muscle that can do the most amount of damage - the tongue (Obviously, not physical damage, you know what I mean, right?)

Oh oh most hard working muscle in the body? 

Heart <3 

Why not diaphragm?

Umm I donno.. Because you can have a paralyzed diaphragm and live but you can't have a paralyzed heart?

I personally think that heart is made popular for no reason :P

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