Saturday, February 14, 2015

Study group discussion: Enzymes checked through RBCs

Why is LDH non specific for MI?

LDH is elevated in many other diseases too!!

There is a much more specific reason for it.

The LDH -2 isoform is present in RBC, any sort of slight hemolysis will increase it as well.

Oh that's why! Didn't have the faintest idea.

Great!! So LDH -2 Isoform is also the one for MI?

Nope it's LDH-1.

But no one gets the specific enzyme type. Too expensive I guess.

I guess electrophorectically you can't differentiate both. Maybe.

Which poisoning is checked through RBC?
Basophilic strippling.

Yes, one more!


Which other poison then?

OPP. Organophosphorous poisoning.


You check the acetylcholinesterase levels in mature RBC.

Which vitamin levels can be checked through RBCs?
Hint: A vitamin that affects enzymes.

Transketolase, Vitamin B1 deficiency.

How does it affect the RBC the transketolase?

Umm it's just a level that can be checked through RBCs. I don't think they do it in clinical practice.

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