Saturday, February 14, 2015

Study group discussion: Mitral stenosis auscultatory findings

What is the characteristic feature of mitral stenosis? In terms of murmur? And echo findings?

Opening snap.
Enlarged  left atria.
Mid diastolic murmur.
Left heart failure.. Left atrial enlargement.
Sam of mitral leaflet.

Also one more auscultatory finding.

Loud S1


One more!

Pre systolic accentuation.


Advanced stage S 1 goes soft.

What happens to this murmur in cases of atrial fibrillation?


What disappears?


Correct. Now tell me why?

Because presystolic accentuation is due to contraction of the atria.

May be bcoz atria are in tremora!

Correct. The final phase of atrial contraction is absent in afib.

Which auscultatory finding indicates the severity of the disease?

Length of murmur. The longer, the more severe the disease.

Opening snap moves closer to s2 as the severity increases.

When I said OS S2 interval, the examiner wasn't convinced.
I checked..and then I read somewhere about the length of murmur. You see..As the level of stenosis increases..Blood takes a longer time to enter from atria to ventricles. Hence, the length of murmur.

Maybe it's not anymore. I read a research publication on it.. It's not OS A2 anymore. But let's not confuse exam going students :P

Haha. Could be the length of the murmur!
It could be our PG question :O

Here's the paper for those who are interested


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