Friday, February 27, 2015

Study group discussion: Fontanelles and thyroid hormone

Guys, remember we were talking about craniosynotosis? I think it was Pfeiffer syndrome we were talking about. So I found out about another condition that causes craniosynotosis in the new born which is acquired and can be prevented. Anyone wants to guess?

Is it due to some drug?

No. It's a hormonal imbalance!

Due to thyroid hormone?




Hyperthyroidism in pregnancy can cause craniosynotosis in the neonate!

Oh oh.. Vice versa, what happens in hypothyroidism?

Macrocephaly? Mental retardation?

Umm yes. But delayed closure of fontanelles is what I was looking for!

Oh right.

Speaking of fontanelles.. Which condition causing bulging fontanelles and which conditions cause depression of fontanelles?

Hydrocephlus - Bulging.

Bulging Fontanelles in increased intracranial tension. Depressed in dehydration.


When does the posterior fontanelle close?

At birth. Or right before birth or right after!

When does the anterior fontanelle close?

Anterior fontanelle 15-18 months.


It's fun when you know the answers :D

Haha true that!

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