Friday, February 27, 2015

Study group discussion: Heyde's syndrome

66 year old male, painless bright red blood per rectum started this morning. Has pansystolic murmur in right 2nd intercostal space. What is the cause of bleeding?

Right side 2nd ICS, so it's aortic stenosis. Now the patient has bleeding. How do we put together AS with bleeding?

*after putting all sorts of differentials for bleeding per rectum, we finally gave up and asked for hints!*

Okie, hint.  It's a vascular malformation.

Angiodysplasia! What's the association but?

Heyde's syndrome - Aortic valve stenosis with GI bleeding.

Elderly people have AD due to age and strain but bleeding from it associated with AS is Hyde's syndrome!

Meaning normal people have less chances compared to the ones with aortic stenosis?
That explains it.

Wow! Didn't know this. Nice, thanks people!

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