Sunday, February 1, 2015

Study group discussion: Migraine, aura and floaters

What did Leonardo have in the movie Shutter Island?

Migraine, I think.

Migraine? When was that?

Migraine was what he started having as a symptom may be.

Oh yes, the headaches and flashes of light.


Yes, those.

What are auras?

The lights some people see before they have a migraine headache.

Auras can present in any way of sensation.

Some patients also complain that something smells before the attack.. Smell of burning rubber or something. It's also a part of the aura.

You can have flashes of light, ringing in ears, sensation on hands and even sudden salivation. 

In migraine I guess the most common type of aura is of the visual type.. Seeing flashes of light.

In reality, it moves and vibrates. then expands and fades away.

I see bits and pieces of light too against a very bright room.. I read it's the pieces of proteins in the vitreous of your eye moving around.

Oh yes, I found those proteins very fascinating as a kid.

Would rub my eyes intentionally to see them and wondered if others could see them as well.

Seemed like little bubbles floating!


And when it is sudden and excessive.. It is a sign of retinal detachment!

Floaters.. I once argued with an opthalmologist, I kept telling him it was normal and he kept saying they're pathological.

Did he said why?
If the person has no other symptoms.. Just floaters once in a while.

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