Thursday, February 5, 2015

Study group discussion: O negative blood group

Review question time!

Which is the universal donor?
And why?

O negative. No antigens.

But it still has anti-A and and anti-B antibody... Won't they react to the RBC present in the recipient?

Confused at the O negative thing. Will read it.

The things is when you give blood to the recipient.. The plasma in the O- blood is rapidly mixed with the 5 litres of the recipients plasma.

So the antibodies are diluted..they are not effective in causing agglutination of the recipients RBC

Why doesn't this happen with any other mis matched blood groups?

Cause in those cases the RBC's are having antigens... So they are rapidly agglutinated.

Mismatched blood transfusions are due to agglutination of donors RBC, never the recipients RBC.

Oohh yes... Cool.

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