Friday, February 13, 2015

Study group discussion: What is the kussmaul's sign? Is it seen in cardiac tamponade?

Kassmaul sign is never found in cardiac tamponade
i.e inspiratory rise in jvp is not present in cardiac tamponade

Kussmaul sign is present in cardiac tamponade. That's what was explained.

Bt kussmaul sign absent in cardiac tamponade.I will recheck my sources for the kussmaul sign
Okay i saw..increased jvp is present and it is common in cardiac tamponade
overall JVP rises bt inspiratory rise is nt dere
I had read somewhere

kussmaul's which is an inspiratory increase is also present..but it is more pathognomic sign of constrictive pericarditis. 
Hence, its not a sure sign of cardiac tamponade
We need harrison for this. Could you check?

On it B)

The table in Harrison says Kussmaul's sign is absent in tamponade. 
A positive Kussmaul sign (seebelow) is rare in cardiac tamponade. 
(***the table in harrison says it is absent, but the text says it is rare***)

So I guess we ain't wrong after all (:


during inspiration there is  RV enlargement to accommodate more blood and in cardiac tamponade it can’t dilate more due to the blood enveloping around it so it pushes the septum and dilates....dilatation causes decrease pressure of right atrium and hence decrease in JVP

I have read about the septum being pushed to the left

Ya septum is pushed to left

The abrupt x descent in jvp shows that  pressure is increased

Ya pushed to left

There are a couple of mcq's asked on the same topic many a times

In tamponade diastole filling affected so it is transmitted in jugular vein , and presence or absence of JVP is indicative of degree of tamponade severity

Rapid 'Y' Decent Seen In Constrictive Pericarditis Is Called As Friedreich's sign

So the conclusion we can draw is, it might be present in cardiac tamponade but in rare cases. Kussmauls sign is more pathognomic of constrictive pericarditis and very non specific sign for cardiac tamponade.


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