Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Study group discussion: Why food doesn't taste good on high altitude, high pressure aeroplanes

I read an interesting article today, not very study related though.

It's why food tastes yucky in airplanes.

Wow! So they found out finally why food tastes bad in air planes!

Why is it yucky??

Change in pressure and altitude numbs 1/3 of our taste buds.

Haha nice!

And I blamed airlines!


Lack of humidity, noise and mass food production are contributory too but that's the main reason.

Interestingly, only salty and sweet sensation is affected. Bitter and spicy remain unaffected.

I wasted so many pleasurable gustatory senses by eating chocolates on the plane! I'll eat spicy next time!

Hahaha science rocks! Unfolding the mysteries of the world.

Yeah spicy in better than bitter!

So much better!


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