Friday, February 20, 2015

Study group discussion: Antihypertensives - Arteriolar, venous and arteriovenodilators

Tell me the drugs which are:
a. Specific venodilators
b. Arteriodilators
c. Arteriovenodilators

Arteriolar- hydralazine and minoxidil.


Venodilators - GTN?

Actually, that is a googly question. There are no specific venodilators. Nitrates dilate the veins more.. But they dilate arteries too.


What about arteriovenous dilators?
There are three classes to them!

Na nitroprusside.

Correct! Sodium nitroprusside it is.

Plasma kinins.

And by using what you make the kinins available to act on your blood vessels? Cause normally they are degraded.



Which receptors are responsible for vasoconstriction?

The autonomic nervous system ones! The alpha 1 blockers are the third class.

Last question. Nitrates act on veins more than arteries. Tell me which drugs act on arteries more than veins?

The calcium channel blockers, of course.


  1. How do the alpha 1 blockers reduce preload?

    1. Alpha 1 receptor stimulation causes vasoconstriction
      Alpha 1 blockers cause VASODILATION and there by reduce the preload


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