Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Study group experience #7

JVP during inspiration 
Holiday heart syndrome and Atrial fibrillation 
Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) and increased QRS interval 
Short PR interval causes 
Cardiac shunts and snowman sign
Eisenmenger's syndrome 
Why does ingestion of salt cause high blood pressure? 
Mechanism of anemia in anemia of chronic disease
Microcytic and Sideroblastic anemia
Folate deficiency in hemolysis and alcohol 
Grave's disease
Caloric test and true coma
Mechanism of action of Digoxin
Why NSAIDs are avoided in MI, why aspirin is an exception
Why adrenaline is preferably given by the intravenous route
Management of enuresis
We created the second group with a few members. It's as awesome as the first group!

I learnt  that we are all the same from the Whatsapp groups.. Even though we are medical students from different schools and countries, every one feels so similar in some unexplainable way. 

"Have you dissected cadavers? Looked inside the bodies of dead men? I have. And I can tell you we are all the same on the inside." - Amazing quote by a group member on equality with differences (:

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