Monday, March 2, 2015

Glycogen storage diseases mnemonic

Hey everyone! Long time no see!

I was requested mnemonics for glycogen storage diseases recently so I thought I'd write about it -

Glycogen storage diseases from 1-6 are:
von Gierke's disease
Pompe's disease.
Cori's disease
Anderson’s disease
McArdles disease
Hers disease

The memory aid for remembering this one is actually a dirty mnemonic, I found it on tumblr (Can't remember where I read it!)

Anyway the mnemonic is -


Also, heart pumps (Pomps) blood. So that's how you can remember that the heart is affected in Pompe's disease!

And for the enzymes -

Glycogen storage disease type 1 mnemonic:
Geirke - Glucose 6 phosphatase. Both have a G!

Glycogen storage disease type 2 mnemonic:
The Pompe's disease mnemonic is a drag but for whoever this helps.. Do you guys know about the volcanic eruption in Pompeii?
The fires of Pompeii makes me think of acid (burns-fire-acid?) and how it killed children.
So acid alpha-glucosidase and affects children!

Glycogen storage disease type 3 and 4 mnemonic:
Mnemonic for Anderson’s and Cori’s is, "ABCD"
Anderson’s - Branching enzyme.
Cori’s - Debranching enzyme.

Glycogen storage disease type 5 mnemonic:
Muscle phosphorylase for McArdles. Both have a M in the name!

Glycogen storage disease type 6 mnemonic:
LivHER. So Liver phosphorylase is affected in Hers disease.

That's all!

Hope you're having a wonderful time  and see you in the next post xo



  1. Thanks for sharing this awesome mnemonic, and please do get around to creating one for the porphyrias as well when you have time..I made this mnemonic for glycogen storage disorders as - "WE PAY (TO) SEE ANDERSON'S MATRIX HOURS" [Yes, I am a Matrix fan, are you?] :)

  2. I am a matrix fan too! Thanks for sharing this mnemonic :D

  3. Replies
    1. Pompei's Volcanos spewed iut ASH i think that's a better way
      Pompe's ds. > Acid Maltase (alpha 1,4 & 1,6 glucosidase)

  4. Hey IkaN !
    Today I had a seminar on glycogen storage disorders and i was asked if hyperuricemia was gender specific in von-Gierkes disease?
    i cannot find out if hyperuricemia is only in males affected even on the net. Please do let me know if you find out..thanks in advance.

    1. Hey Anon!

      That is so awesome of you to do a seminar. Wish I was there!

      That's an interesting concept that I've never heard of before.. I couldn't find the relationship between von Gierkes and hyperuricemia on Google.
      90% of patients with Von Gierkes have hyperuricemia so I don't think a gender predisposition exists.

      But I did find out why gout is more common in men -->

      Please lemme know if you find out as well :)

    2. Due to accumulation of Glucose-6-phosphate it goes to the HMP shunt which leads to increased synthesis of ribose and nucleotides, this enhances the metabolism of purine nucleotides and to uric acid later. Eventually leading to hyperuricemia

    3. theres decreased uric acid excretion due to low pH state ( lactic acidosis here in VG disease).and ofcourse increased purine nucleotides both contribute to hyperuricemia

  5. Thankx alot. funny but best mnemonic for GSD.. Thanku sooooo much

  6. Thankx for a usefull funny mnemonic

  7. Another one could be
    We Play Ludo At My House.

  8. Thanks a lot♥️


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