Monday, March 2, 2015

Study group discussion: Thyroid surgery practicals viva questions

Anyway, speaking of triangles of the neck.. Do you guys know they are super important for surgery vivas?

I have surgery viva coming up !!

Omg. If you have a thyroid case, they are bound to ask you this!

I have thyroid - surgery review questions :D

Who is father of thyroid surgery?

Answer: Kocher

Which artery is ligated in thyroid surgery?

Answer: Superior  thyroid artery

Why don't you ligate two?

Answer: Superior thyroid artery is only ligated. The inferior one is left. If you ligate the inferior thyroid artery, the two inferior parathyroids will necrose. Hence the current dictum is not to ligate the ITA.

What about which artery to be ligated near the gland and which one far?

Answer: You ligate STA as near to the gland as possible to avoid injury to the nerve which runs along with it.

Differential diagnosis of midline neck swelling?

Thyroglossal cyst and thyroid are the common ones.

Thyroglossal cyst is embryological remanant of?

Thyroglossal duct.

Most early cause of respiratory difficulty postoperatively?

It's tracheomalacia. Immediately as soon as you withdraw the ET tube.. The trachea collpases. 


Tracheomalacia is an inherent condition of weakness of the tracheal cartilage. The thyroid keeps it patent. After thyroidectomy, it might collapse. 

Interesting.. Didn't know this!

Which thyroid cancer can form renal stones?

Medullary. Due to calcitonin. 
At abnormally high levels, it increases urinary excretion of calcium causing renal stones. Medullary carcinoma can also present with hypocalcemia. 

In thyroid surgery, why are we ligating middle thyroid vein first?

To prevent metastasis or to prevent formation of seedling in case of cancer.

Can anyone please elaborate why hyperthyroidism causes oligomenorrhea and hypothyroidism causes menorrhagia?

Hypothyroidism increases TRH.
TRH increases prolactin.
Prolactin decreases GnRH.
GnRH decreases LH and FSH.

What are the complications of multinodular goitre?

Complications of MNG - Due to obstruction - Dyspnea, dysphagia.
Malignant change, calcification are also complications.

Thanks :) 

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