Monday, March 2, 2015

Study group discussion: Central trachea in pleural effusion

In which pleural effusions the trachea is central??

Bilateral ??

Okay.. But in which unilateral conditions?

Due to bronchogenic ca?
When there is pull + push of trachea, nullifying it?

Umm.. It's because of mesothelioma

Why?? I mean why specifically I'm mesothelioma?

If pleural effusion is because of mesothelioma then the negative pressure created by it doesn't effect that much... Sorry.. Don't know exactly.. I'll let you know..

In absorption collapse such as in bronchiogenic ca or foreign body impaction,
Bronchus is obstructed, intrapleural pressure remains negative and trachea is shifted to the same side.

In cases of compression collapse due to pleural effusion, pneumothorax or hydropneumothorax,
Bronchus is patent, intrapleural pressure is positive n so trachea is pushed to the opposite side.

So, if there is bronchogenic ca with pleural effusion, both mechanisms take place,
If pulling effect by bronchogenic ca plays more, trachea remains on the same side of effusion.
If both plays equally, trachea remains in central

Ah.. Push and pull which I mentioned earlier. Thanks a ton!

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