Monday, March 2, 2015

Study group discussion: Morphine and atropine

* Our discussion started with this: Acute LVF management
Lasex (frusemide)
Morphine (diamorphine)
Oxygen (sit patient up)
Pulmonary ventilation (if doing badly)*

Morphine used even in the absence of infarction?

To treat severe pain.. Morphine is powerful analgesic.

Yes, but in which cases other than MI, pain is a significant symptom?

Post surgical pain, Cancer pain.

Morphine is indicated in only acute stabbing visceral pain. Except in abdominal emergency's.
Abdominal emergencies if due to biliary spasm. Give nitrous oxide. Or else pethidine.

Even for abdominal pain, if it's severe once after the examination of abdomen.

No, we don't use morphine in abdominal emergencies.

I think we do apart from biliary conditions.

Posting this again, since it's relevant. Opioids, morphine mnemonic

Biliary spasm is due to contraction of sphincter of Oddi. Right?


Is morphine used alone in biliary spasm??

No, no. It's specifically contraindicated in acute abdominal pain. Because it cause biliary spasm.

Yes, but if used along side of some particular drug it releives spasm.. What drug is it??

I think it's atropine.. Is that right?


Atropine is used with morphine for treatment of renal and biliary colic.. Morphine alone may aggravate pain by causing spasm of sphincter of oddi.. Atropine relaxes the smooth muscle of gallbladder and increases the intrabiliary capacity and counteracts the spasmogenic effect of morphine..

I was asked this in a viva, why is atropine given before procedures like drainage of pleural effusion aka pleural tap?

Ummm don't know!!

Okay, I'll give you a hint.. What will happen when you push the needle into the patient



Bleeding is minor, think of other things!


Think Neurologic.


Yep. Vasovagal shock. That's why atropine is administered half an hour before the procedure.


Wow! Didn't know that!!

This should apply to all procedures then!

Yes, all procedures. But I was asked this specially because my case in finals was pleural effusion.

Thanks IkaN!

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