Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Remembering Apgar scoring.

Hello awesomites, finding it difficult to remember the components of Apgar score? Well, I think grouping them makes it easy-

1. The heart and lungs lie close hence,  you can group 'heart rate' and 'respiratory effort' together.

2. Reflexes are carried out none other than muscles, hence 'muscle tone' and 'reflex irritability' or 'reflex response' go into the second group.

3. Color, now it is easy to remember.

That's all!


  1. This is brilliant.

    The traditional APGAR mnemonic is hard to remember :/

    A: Appearance (color)
    P: Pulse
    G: Grimace (response to stimulation)
    A: Activity (tone)
    R: Respiration

    I used to keep forgetting what the other A is for and the G! This is a life saver!

  2. A point to rememeber regarding apgar is , it includes respiratory EFFORT & not respiratory RATE..This point has been asked in many indian pg exams..

    1. Oh yes, it's easy to get confused too. Thanks for making us aware of this!


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