Friday, August 7, 2015

ORS and baby - My ORS week poster

It's ORS week again! And this time, I made the poster in Marathi, one of my favorite languages!

ORS week poster in Marathi
For all those who don't know Marathi, here's a translation. (The dialogue might not sound as cute in English, but here it goes!)

तू का रडत आहेस?
Why are you crying?

कारण तू आजारी असूनही मला विसरलास.
Because you're sick (You have diarrhea and you're dehydrated) and you forgot (to drink) me.

आता मी ORS घेऊन बरं होइन.
From now on, I'll drink ORS and  become healthy.

जय ORS.
You rock, ORS!

I showed the poster to my maid and she suggested me to add a वाटी चमच to the poster. Wati (वाटी) is a small bowl from which children drink and chamach (चमच) is the spoon. It was so sweet of her to give suggestions!

That's all!


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