Wednesday, August 5, 2015

ORS week poster: 5 reasons why ORS is a superhero

So here it is - the superhero poster I made for ORS week :D

ORS superhero poster
1. Prevents dehydration: In a child with diarrhea, ORS is the super hero which keeps the bad guy called dehydration away.

2. Corrects dehydration: If the mean guy attacks, ORS rescues kids from dehydration.

3. Shortens duration of diarrhea episodes: When the super hero strikes, the villains can't stay for long.

4. Does team work to save the day: Glucose in ORS accelerates absorption of sodium and water just like Robin helps Batman!

5. Saves children from needles: ORS reduces the need for unscheduled supplemental IV therapy in children by 33%.

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