Monday, September 28, 2015

Ethosuximide mnemonic

Greetings everyone!

This little pharmacology pearl was written by Keto :)

eThosuximide is the T drug.
It blocks the T-type Ca2+ channels:
T stands for Transient which can be found in the Thalamus.

Remember, that thalamus is a relay nucleus with a lot of subnuclei. Everything travels through, EXCEPT smell. So a patient with "Transient" absence (peTiT mal) seizure, you can let them smell something to bring them back. And... eThosuximide is the drug they need.

IkaN's note: When I first read Keto's post, I thought, by a silly misunderstanding, that you could make the person "smell" ethosuximide and bring back the person. I was so wrong. Ethosuximide isn't volatile. Anyway, series of Googling got me through pretty interesting facts:
1. Ethosuximide causes loss of smell.
2. Loss of smell can cause longevity.

Cool, ain't it?

That's all!

Keto, please get a blogger account and write for Medicowesome soon =)



  1. Ethosuximide can also cause Thrombocytopenia (as part of pancytopenia), agranulyctosis, leukopenia, or eosinophilia. Most commonly though it just causes Tiredness (drowsiness, confusion, insomnia), Throbbing headache, or aTaxia.


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