Monday, September 28, 2015

Study group discussion: Monroe Kenri's Law

Here's a cool fact:

Monroe Kenri's law states that cerebral perfusion pressure = Mean blood pressure (MBP) - Intracranial pressure (ICP)

Hence, in cases of increased ICT or intrcranial heamorrhage, BP rises.
This is physiological so that blood supply to the brain can be maintained.

Hence, in cases of stroke, never try to reduce BP unless it is above 200. If you reduce BP, the blood supply to brain is compromised.

Cushing's triad in cases of increased ICT:
1. Increased BP
2. Bradycardia
3. Irregular respiration.
(Because increased ICP compresses the brain stem)

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  1. Hey your blog is soon awesome! but I'm confused here, is ICT supposed to be ICP? if not then what is ICT?

    1. Oh I'm sorry, I should've used the same abbreviations.

      Yes, intracranial tension and intracranial pressure are ICT and ICP.


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