Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Is diarrhoea really that bad?


Since I haven't found a solid topic to post on I'll be doing this bit.
Remember that dreaded diarrhea which struck when you were traveling off on a trip far from home and you thought you could trade your life for a toilet? That might be a saviour though.

Whaaa? Stop that Shit? No really. Read on.
Serotonin is primarily produced by enterochromaffin cells in the crypts of Leiburkuhn. These are
absorbed into the blood and taken up by the platelets which release them during bleeding to cause platelet aggregation and vasoconstriction.

In case of GI irritation/radiation/cancer chemo more amount of Serotonin is produced which is absorbed into the blood. The platelet cant take up all of the Serotonin so some of it reaches the Chemoreceptor Trigger Zone(CTZ) 5HT3 receptors and causes vomitting.
Also Serotonin causes diarrhoea(increases GI peristalsis) so empties out all the noxious substances.
Hence it plays the protective role of emptying out the gut by vomitting and diarrhoea in case of GI irritation by microbial food poisoning. Hence throwing out all the pathogenic bacteria.

Another fact: Tumour(carcinoid) secreting Serotonin is absorbed by the veins and are carried first to the right heart which is why the fibrosis of right heart valves(stenosis) is more common than the left. It causes fibrosis as Serotonin is a fibrocyte mitotic(growth factor).

Diarrhea might scare the shit out of you but it might not be a bad thing afterall  x)

Next time :)

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