Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mnemonic for the laryngeal muscles and their actions

Hey people,

We've all tried to remember the laryngeal muscles time and again but it just doesn't stick right?
I devised an easy way which helped me.

POSTerior to the CLIT you C Vagina
They are grouped acc to their actions.

If you're still getting confused with which group has what action, just remember the Interarytenoid which lies between the two arytenoids obviously has to have the adductor action. And the vocalis which is in the vocal cord obviously has to be the Tensor.

And about the nerves, all except cricothyroid are innervated by Reccurent LN. Cricothyroid is by the Superior LN(External branch).

Cricket is an Outdoor Sport.
Cricothyroid,External branch of Superior LN.

Pardon the unparliamentary lingo
Desperate times,desperate measures ;)

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