Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Step 2 CS: Upper limb neurological examination

So I am practicing for my CS exam. I am memorizing what I will tell my patient and writing them down for my reference. Uploading it on the blog for whoever finds it helpful.

I recommend watching videos and making your own "Set of dialogues" and practicing over and over again. Here are mine for upper limb neurological examination:

"I would like to test your tone, so keep your arm really loose."
*move it around*

"Now I would like to test your power, this involves me asking you to put your hands in certain positions and asking you to resist my movements. Is that okay with you?"
"Let me know if you have any pain."

"Put your arms like that for me."
"Keep them there, don't let me push them down."
*try to push em down*
"Keep them there, don't let me push them up."
*try to push em up*

"Can you put your arms out in front of you like this?"
"Keep them there, don't let me move them."
*Try to pull arms out*
"Keep them there, don't let me move them."
*Try to push arms in*

"Can you put your arms in front of me like this with your wrists like this."
"Same again, keep them there, don't let me move them."
*try to push wrists up*
"Now can you move your wrists like this?"
"Same again, keep them there, don't let me move them."
*try to push wrists down*

(If you have time, test the power of fingers too, otherwise it's just fine.)

"Now I am going to test for your sensation. This is sharp, this is dull. Now I want you to close your eyes and say sharp or dull depending on what I touch."

"Now I am going to test for your reflexes, which involves me hitting with this hammer. Just leave your arm loose for me."

(If you have time)

*test proprioception*
*test vibration sense*

"I would like to feel your pulses."
*palpate brachial, radial*

"Thank you for letting me examine you."


  1. Well goodluck on your exams! :D
    I remember doing these oral exams way back in freshmen years haha. But when you're in junior intern and already doign these things on a daily basis, with your hopes of finishing as many tests with such limited time, you would often end up miss the important tests. So it is never wrong to step back and review :)

    1. Thank you so much, Ahmad!

      Oh I'm back to square one with this new exam coming up. I'm pretty sure it must be very busy in your intern year. Thanks! :)


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