Sunday, March 13, 2016

Submissions: Kawasaki disease mnemonic

Kawasaki disease mnemonic: FEBRILE

F- Fever (for more than 16 days)
E- Enanthem
B- Bulbar conjunctivitis
R- Rash, redness of lip, tongue, finger tips
I- Inflammation of blood vessels (vasculitis)
L- Lymphadenopathy (mostly cervical
E- Extremity affection

One more with same mnemonic

F- first 2 years of life common
E- ECHO (At diagnosis, after two weeks, after 8 weeks)
B- Beau lines
R- Risk of coronary artery aneurysm, MI, pericarditis, myocarditis
I- Internal organ involvement (heart, liver, kidney, GIT), Immunoglobulin (treatment)
L- Low recurrence with treatment
E- Elevated ESR, CRP, erythema

Thanks Ruchita for submitting this mnemonic to us!


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