Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dr. Thinker: ERAS CV

-          It is automatically made as you fill your details on ERAS.
-          Make sure you make no grammatical errors.
-          DO NOT LIE about anything on your CV.
-          Present mailing address: Give your US address. Sometimes programs like to call those that live in the same region.
-          Permanent mailing address: I would suggest US address for this too, for the same reason as above. Programs would prefer those who have family or familiar to that region/state.
-          Medical school honors/Awards: Mention the awards you got in medical school, like distinctions or gold medals.
-          Work experience:Your electives, obsies or externship (internship for Indians). Any job you do outside medical school comes under work experience, too.
Give a short description for each work experience. You should mention your role during that time and what all you did. (Eg: procedures you did, that you saw both inpatient and outpatient, any presentations you made, that you used to attend grand rounds, seminars, morning reports, and that you wrote patients record on EMR)
-          Research experience: is where you mention your research related time.
-          Volunteer experience: Any volunteer activities you did. Like community service or being part of some organization or volunteer work(not research or obsies) at hospitals.
-          Publications: Mention if you have any. There is an option to mention whether they are published or under review.
-          Hobbies and Interests: Do not shy to mention any kind of activities which are an integral part of you. Some programs like to see that you have a life outside of studies too. Like sports, dancing, singing, instruments etc. DO NOT LIE. Sometimes during the interview they can ask you questions related to it or do some of those. Yes, there are people who were asked to dance a bit or sing.
-          Language Fluency: Mention all the languages you know
-          Other awards/ accomplishments: You can mention the awards you got in any activities like sports or other competitions.


1.      For Indians: What date should you mention for YOG? Is it internship completion date or date on the certificate?
-          You can mention the date of issue mentioned on the diploma.

2.      Should I mention it as a break in education if I had gone for clerkships and hence delayed my internship end date?
No, never mention it as a break in medical education.


  1. I just completed my 3rd Major and my internship is about to start. I am planning to take step 1 in November or December and after that on the bases of step 1 score i want to apply for elective (in feb/march 2020 slot). I have no content which is described in article except hobbies(but no certificates or awards in sports) , language and a PSM project work (kind of data analysis study). So my question is what should i include to make my CV which i will use to apply for my electives ? Thankyou.

    1. Mention your goals and objectives(which speciality you want to go), your education(medical college and high school maybe), toefl score if you take, your photo, your contact details, any volunteer work(1 day camp or anything thing else in college, any participation in any fest in college, certification(workshop, basic life support-you need to do it for electives) and your hobbies/interests.

  2. Thank you so much Dr. thinker. Your posts are awesome. May god bless you!!

  3. Why shouldn't an extension of internship for USCE be mentioned? Wouldn't it be lying if that was done and never mentioned to the programs? I have extended my internship for one year. Thanks for the amazing, informative article Dr. Thinker!


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