Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dr. Thinker: FAQs related to programs

1.      When to start searching about the programs?
-          The best time is from July as most of the programs update their requirement info by the end of june or start of July.
2.      How to search for programs?
-          The best thing is to form a small trusted group of people who are applying to the same specialty. It’s better if their scores and profile is same as of yours.
-          From July, divide the regions among yourselves and start collecting information of the programs in those regions/states.

-          Make an excel or google spread sheet mentioning all the requirements of that program.
How to collect the info?
-          Open your ERAS and see the programs in every state.
-          Go to the individual programs website and look for the residency application criteria. Same time, also open FRIEDA( it’s free) and look for the criteria.
-          If there is no particular information regarding visa or any other thing, you can email or call the program coordinator. They usually respond well in July when they are not that busy.
-          If you want to spend money, one of you can subscribe for MATCH A RESIDENT and share the fee. You can get program info on this too and you can filter the programs as per your scores, USCE and visa status.
-          BE AWARE: MATCH A RESIDENT doesn’t accurately update it’s information every year. Same with FRIEDA. So, always correlate with program’s website. If the website doesn’t mention it then contact program coordinator.
3.      How many programs should you apply to?
-          It depends on how many programs you can afford.
-          I would suggest apply to all the programs where you fulfil their criteria. Apply to as many as you can.
-          You wouldn’t want to repent later when your friend with low profile or same as yours gets an interview from the program where you hadn’t applied.

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